Thursday, March 20, 2008

Athena Technologies Home Theater Speaker with 3-1/2" Woofers (Each) - WS-60

Athena Technologies Home Theater Speaker with 3-1/2" Woofers (Each) - WS-60
(MPN: WS60)
Price Range: $136.99 - $160.00 from 2 Sellers
Rebates & Special Offers: $5.00 Bonus available

Description: The WS-60 speaker utilizes a unique multi-transducer arrangement that provides numerous advantages over traditional designs. Firstly, the multiple woofers provide higher power handling and output levels providing excellent bass response and dynamics, an absolute must in a digital home theater environment. Secondly, the four passive radiators extend the bass response even lower than what would normally be possible with traditional enclosures whose venting results in more noise than is acceptable in a high resolution home theater system. The included wall mounting bracket serves in both horizontal and vertical alignments, and also serves as a small footprint base. The WS-60 also comes with an attached round table top base for use on your mantle, A/V furniture, or on any flat surface.

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