Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol March 19

Results Blogged Live Via the East Coast Feed

After another week of Beatles songs it is time to send someone to LAX and back to their hometown. Who will it be? I have a feeling it will be Kristy even though I would love for her to stick around another couple of weeks. If it isn’t Kristy though it will be Amanda or Ramielle.

Anyways it doesn’t matter what we think. All that matters is what Ryan says. Ladies and Gents, sit back and relax. This is American Idol.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about the results show in a comment or chat live with us in the shoutbox on the sidebar. We always value your thoughts and opinions.

Slim Wants To Go : Amanda Overmyer
Slim Thinks Will Go : Amanda Overmyer or Kristy Lee Cook

Note : The results were blogged live via the East Coast Feed by angie. Everything is after the jump.

Eliminated Idol: Amanda Overmyer

Well, hey guys! We survived yet another Beatles week. I don’t know about you but it about put me to sleep. *yawn* Anyway, let’s get on with the results show!

Mentors for the season, as announced by Ryan, are: Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey (did Ryan call her an actress??), Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Neil Diamond.

Time for the group song, kids! Archie sounded good, though breathy. David C and Jason trying to harmonize, not so good. Michael sounded yummiful. Brooke and Ramiele sing and I am pretty sure Ramiele’s mic wasn’t even on. Kristy was bopping around too much for such a slow song. Did anyone else notice Amanda holding up her mic but not singing during the all girl part? That was a little less painful than last week, overall. But, you all know me. I tend to think the group songs are a little too theme-parky.

The votes are in and the lights go down.
Brooke is safe (and I like her straight hair).
Carly is the first in the bottom 3!
Archie is safe.
Michael is safe! (woo hoo!)

This week, we get to go behind the scenes at the Ford ‘video’ shoot. I still call it a commercial. Whatever. The song is “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” The Idols are in a 50s UFO movie. Cute.

The lights go down, again.
David C is safe.
Kristy is in the bottom 3.
Jason is safe! YEE HA!
Ramiele is safe.

Again, we are tortured with calls from fans. Then a Kellie Pickler montage topped with a Kellie Pickler performance. I shall refrain from commenting.

We see Elliott and Fantasia visiting those who benefit from Idol Gives Back. A very nice clip.

The lights go down yet again.
Syesha is safe.
Chikeze is safe.
Amanda is the last in the bottom 3.
Carly is safe.

Amanda goes home to be ‘celebrated home.’ Or is she going back to the USSR? Well, MY heart’s not broken. Slowly, but surely, we’re whittling them down to the best of the rest. I hope Kristy goes next. What do YOU guys think? Leave your comments and let us know.

See ya next week! This is Angie and I am out…

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